Your Perception

Learning As I grew up, I didn’t have anyone in my family that helped me believe in myself, told me I could do anything I wanted, helped me learn how valuable I am or know about healthy relationships. Don’t get me wrong, my parents did a good job with what knowledge they had and where … Read more


Written January 2017 as I struggled accepting my changing mature body in the aging process. I was 56 years old. Depression also comes from things we cannot control, like the body we are born into Yes, we all have those days where we struggle with our body image. I’ve known very handsome, muscular, great build, … Read more


Wreath with fall leafs and a big sunflower

Thinking of you I love nature. To me that is where my church is. I love the trees, the wild creatures and birds, flowers, plants, gardening. I remember when we were married, and you helped plow the 50-foot-long garden I wanted. It was hard work, but that garden gave us life while we lived there … Read more

Unintended Hiatus

Hello everyone. Thank you for staying tuned in. I have been on a hiatus of sorts for the last few months so apologies for the site not being current. I hope to remedy that as of now. Welcome back                                  … Read more

Staring back at me

Cleaning day I was helping clean the whole house today. Here, there and everywhere. I cleaned the kitchen. Cleaned up the bathroom. Helped with laundry. Even tidied up the living room but mostly my daughter helped with the living room. Her mess lol Check in with work I even stopped around 2pm to go check … Read more

Butterflies and Caterpillars

monarch butterfly

A long time ago when I was at a very dark place in my life, I reached out to get help. During that period while I was lost, confused, and searching for answers a beautiful black woman dressed in an orange, red and yellow African dress helped me find some peace.  Background Information  In 1993, … Read more

Depression as a Teacher

chalkboard saying what's your story

Today I was sharing with my higher power how thankful I am. Not because my life is great and I have few worries, far from it. Yet, I remain very grateful for what is. There were more than a few times in the past that my life could’ve ended but it didn’t. It is nowhere … Read more

Paint by Number Kits

Do you remember paint by number kits? I hadn’t thought of them in a long time until talking with my 9-year-old granddaughter Kalia the other day. We were talking about art generally but during that conversation I remembered the kits. Maybe you’re familiar with them. History They were one of my favorite gifts to receive … Read more