Staring back at me

Cleaning day

I was helping clean the whole house today. Here, there and everywhere. I cleaned the kitchen. Cleaned up the bathroom. Helped with laundry. Even tidied up the living room but mostly my daughter helped with the living room. Her mess lol

Check in with work

I even stopped around 2pm to go check in on my laptop at work so no one would miss me too much lol, (Insert anonymous nameless person here as co-worker) had something going on, so we chatted on the phone a minute or two. Then I went back to house chores.

Home visit

Then the appointment. The lady (so called professional because well you know they have a expensive degree in some typical social service field) showed up. She was ok. Lasted until almost 5! Geez but anyway after it all gets done and over with, I went to go get my phone.

Search mode

Cannot find it anywhere! We look and look and look. I mean I was everywhere in the flipping house so who freaking knows! Turning over sofas, cushions, looking in the trash. Checking every fricking room not once but twice. I tried to find it through my app on my watch, it stated, “cannot connect” and then my daughter called it, straight to voicemail.

I shook my head. That doesn’t make any sense. I just charged it before I talked with (Insert anonymous nameless person here as co-worker) and it should be ringing.

So, I continue looking. It’s got to be here!

Here, there and everywhere

I’m in the playroom by the dryer and washer because you know how a washer shakes sometimes so I thought well if it was laid on top it might have fallen off. I’m looking on the side of the dryer to the right, on the side of the washer to the left then in between…. wait, what the hell?

Staring back at me                              front loading laundry machine

My phone is staring at me through the window (which it’s stuck up against because washer is on spin cycle) of the fricking just got done with you load of fricking dumba** laundry!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

So, at this point I just waited for it to finish. Knowing I just lost a phone.

Flight of the cell

It had turned on the flashlight, disconnected from blue-tooth and the wifi, had about fifty-nine fricking stupid apps open, oh and was on airplane mode, because you know, flying through the stupid a** washing machine at 100 mph! fml!

Rice rescue

It’s sitting in a bowl full of rice at the moment….resting from its traumatic flying adventure through washing machine hell hole like a black hole only with lots of f**king (yes that’s spelled incorrectly on purpose because at this point – who gives a sh**!) stupid a** water, with smelly suds!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!! 9.24.2020 (wrote in the heat of the moment so please excuse the curse words)


UPDATE: This piece is wrote in fun and yes did actually happen to me. My cell phone, Sally, is a rock star! It’s still going to this current day. Every once in a great while it will have a glitchy moment during a flash back episode but for the most part it works great every day. That is a miracle! 2.21.22

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All the best,

Gma Katherine

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