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Hello, I am Katherine, allow me to introduce myself. I am the 60+ year-old Grandma behind the art, writings and observations on this website. I was born in Salina, Kansas and raised in Eudora, Kansas. My mother stayed at home and my father was a construction worker for many years before finding permanent work at a plant in Desoto, Kansas near our home. My family had its’ pros and cons, but it was dysfunctional. I ended up leaving home when I was 15 years old after giving birth to a son and giving him up for adoption. That is another story for another time!

Life was not always easy, but I believed it could always get better. I have raised three children and two grandchildren. As I write this I am again in the middle of adopting another grandchild who ended up in the state system. My middle daughter will raise her but we have to get her out of the system first. I now have a total of 7 grandchildren and even one great-grandchild! I was a stay-at-home mom for years and in a long-term abusive relationship, became an alcoholic then healed from all that mess, hurt, and anger. I found love again and even went to college. I thrived and reinvented myself more times than I can count. Divorced in 2012 and learned for the first time in my life how to live alone. I had always had someone living with me. Life is what you make it and the choices you make every day are very important. I now live with my middle daughter, her husband and four grandchildren. Life is good, busy, hectic at times, but I would not change this moment for anything. Life is change and as such my life will soon again change as I take on new challenges, dreams, travels and splendor.

How Art Can Help

My life experiences have always seemed to be best expressed through art. Not always an easy task. Sometimes it can be a bit scary, overwhelming, and even intimidating when you think about taking your present state of mind, heart and soul and allowing it to come out into the form of creation. What would it look like? What would people think? I can’t focus on that. I focused on the healing that it gave me. I still do. Will it look pretty? Sometimes it does. Will it look ugly? Sometimes it has. What if I don’t want to see my anger, sadness, grief, or depression in art form? It can surprise you in a good way. If I put it out there, it makes it so real. Better than it being inside my soul lingering and doing harm.

I remember having a fear of taking my justifiable anger at the former abusive spouse and unleashing it on the world. It wasn’t a creation I kept but the healing factor was enhanced by allowing myself to express it. To let it out. To unleash it in a way that it couldn’t hurt anyone and would quit hurting me internally. My fear was unfounded.

What if I also shared my joy, love, peace, and healing into the form of art? What if I allow it to touch you, make you feel, make you think, make you cry? That’s a gift. Art touches each of us when we look at it, touch it, experience it and that experience can stay with us. Another gift is no matter the medium art doesn’t judge me. It allows me to release emotions and even gain gifts in the making of it. The creation process is very individual. Very personal. It can be very healing.

Join me in discovering the gifts of Art

Katherine with grandkids
Having fun with some of my grandkids

I love creating beautiful, interesting, and even puzzling pieces. Most are for my own enjoyment. A few I have given away or made for specific people. Soon I will sell some of my art pieces. Along the way I have gained insight, understanding, forgiveness, love, and joy while expressing myself through multiple art forms. Sometimes at the depth of a depression that made me want to die. Instead, I used the medium as a form of therapy to release the emotional baggage of life that was affecting me. Yes, I have went to both therapy and art therapy.

At 60 years old I’m far from done living and have intense life situations still happen. I am not an expert by no means. I am not a art therapist. I just do what is comfortable for me. Mainly acrylic but I am learning about oil and watercolor. Come join me along with my grandkids and see how you can learn to heal, let go and live through YOUR art. It may surprise you as well.

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I had my website up on the third day! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Please let me know your thoughts and experience in the comment section below or send me an email. Until next time, take care. Gma Katherine

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    • Thank you so much Christina! I am glad you are enjoying reading it. I appreciate your support and thank you for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you around here from time to time. I have a lot more to share and will be bringing the grandkids along. Talk to you soon! Gma Katherine


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