My favorite color?

picture of canvas with blue paint

When I was little blue was my favorite color. The sky was blue. The ocean was blue. Some birds were blue. Some people had blue eyes and they were so beautiful. Blue was calming to me. I also liked green, purple, and yellow though. Any time someone would ask “what is your favorite color?” I would always want to say, “all of them are!” Yet I usually said blue.

Let There Be Light

The definition: color is the visual perceptual property corresponding in humans to the categories called blue, green, red, et. Color derives from the spectrum of light interacting in the eye with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors.

To see color there must be light. When the light shines on something some colors bounce off and others are absorbed by it. Our eyes only see colors that are bounced off or reflected.

Our bodies are so amazing! They are also very individual. Which is why my perception of color may be different than yours. I may see blue green in the picture, and you think it is a sea green shade in the picture. Neither one of us are wrong. Imagine what color blind people go through!

Color Psychology

Are you aware that certain colors evoke certain emotions? It is true. Think about it. When you are frustrated, upset or angry what feeling conveys that emotion to you? What about when you are happy, joyful, and loving? Or relaxed, calm, and peaceful? Or energized, physical and on the move? Finally, what about when you are sad, depressed and hurt?

Various studies and experiments with color and emotions over the years have given us information on how universal color can be. In one survey conducted September 10, 2020, it found “People all over the world associate colors with emotions. In fact, people from different parts of the world often associate the same colors with the same emotions. This was the result of a detailed survey of 4,598 participants from 30 nations over six continents, carried out by an international research team.” Their survey also showed that red was the only color to point to both a positive emotion, love, and a negative emotion, anger. It also showed that your background, location, and beliefs influence your perception on color. (link at end of article)

open palms that have words written on them saying just me

Did you know red is the only color that can convey both negative and positive emotions? I had always associated red with passion, love, and lust. I was unaware until my early adulthood that it also could convey anger, hate, and rage. I had associated anger with the color black. That was my perception. Now I associate the color black with sorrow and depression. It is wonderful that our perceptions can and do change over time. The older we become, more experienced in life we are and the more experiences we have led us to a wider range of perceptions.

Color in Our World

The media, advertisers and other professionals use certain colors to help us be drawn to an item and purchase it, or color a waiting room in a hue that is calming or show us an ad that uses a color to pump us up with an emotion they are conveying. Color psychology, yes that is a thing, has taught us that our behaviors are influenced by color. It is a scientific fact.

Become Aware of Color

Becoming aware of the impact color has in the world as an artist of life allows me to have some measure of control. If you know a certain color triggers a certain feeling inside you than limiting your exposure to that or just being aware of that trigger can help you manage your emotions. There is so much information online regarding color and our emotions. I encourage you to explore this subject and read up on it.

My favorite color now? All of them of course! Each one of them represents something special to me. I don’t have to have just one favorite. I enjoy the whole rainbow of colors! I hope you will too.

Please let me know your thoughts and experience in the comment section below or send me an email. Until next time, take care. Gma Katherine



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